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First Try at Trick Photography Special Effects

Hey Everyone!
Doing trick photography is always adventures, but when you get to do it with your friends, it becomes infinitely more fun and effective! A couple of weeks ago we did our first trick photo session, and we had a blast. All that’s needed is a DSLR camera, a tripod, a flash and a flashlight. The first technique we tried was light painting in combination with flash. Because we don’t have a professional external flash, Asher just used the built-in flash of his camera by taking an extra image of himself and pointing the flash on his face. I had set up my camera for a 20 sec exposure, and focused on the scene, so he just needed to jump in, position himself right and light up his face.

After taking this first image we wanted more effects, so we moved our setup to the road to get car trails. When a car goes by and your camera is set at a long exposure, only the car’s lights will be seen in the image. This happens because when it’s dark the sensor needs lots of light to register detail. The technique with the flash is based on this phenomenon. If Asher wouldn’t have lit up his face with a strong light, like a flash, he would only show as black silhouette like David on the left. If he moved around, he wouldn’t be in the photograph at all, because the camera can’t pick up on moving items at a slow shutter speed/ long exposure. But since he had the flash it was possible for us to take even several exposures of him in one photograph by moving from place to place and lighting up his face during the long exposure. How egocentric.

After taking pictures of only Asher  for a while, Jonathon, David and I decided that we also wanted to be in the picture . Since we only had one flash, we also used a flashlight to light up our faces and draw patterns to create a crazy group picture.That night we had great fun, and I really suggest trick photography as a group activity! If you have done trick photography before or want to know more about how it’s done, please leave a comment!


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