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Trick Photography in the Fog

By Asher Fergusson

I’ve been reading more of Trick Photography and Special Effects and as a result have been itching to try out some new techniques. But as is often the case in late Autumn, I was greeted with a cold, grey, foggy Saturday instead of the sunny, crisp one I had imagined. I begrudgingly piled on my coat, hat and scarf thinking, if nothing else, I should get some exercise. Well, I soon realized my short sightedness. The fog may have blocked the sunlight but it also transformed my familiar landscapes into moody, hidden and magical versions of themselves. I then spent a frenzied hour running around taking pictures until my hands froze (no gloves?!) and the sun began to set and I suddenly found myself in foggy field at twilight surrounded by a flock of ominous sounding crows.

At first I just tried to capture the fog in my photographs:


But in an attempt to try to get my picture more “foggy” I discovered this trick photography technique:


Pretty cool, huh? To get this effect I did the following while taking the picture. None of my pictures in the post of been edited on the computer:

-Changed my camera to ‘manual’ focus instead of ‘auto’ focus.

-Focused on the tall grass but did not take a picture.

-Breathed on my camera lens to effectively fog it up more.

-Took a few shots while the lens cleared up.

The results varied greatly depending on how long I waited for my lens to clear when taking the picture. Here are three pictures I took to give an example of how my pictures went from fairly distorted, to mostly normal. I found that my lens would clear first in the middle with ring of moisture around the edge before disappearing all together:




I love the hazy, surreal feeling that is created using one simple trick photography technique. Next time I’m presented with a foggy Saturday I planning on grabbing my camera (and gloves!) and seeing what else I can do!

I am admittedly a beginner photographer and am always trying to learn new tricks. I would be greatly interested in hearing any feedback on this spur of the moment photo shoot. Do you have any similar pictures using similar (or different) photography tricks? Please post them below for us to see.

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