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What do you get when you bring a Brit, an Australian, a Dutchman and a German together?

The answer is a group of international friends that loves to explore the world and share experiences. But sometimes Words just aren’t enough to capture all the crazy wonderful things that happen to each of us, and that is where photography comes into play.

All of us are enthusiastic photographers with our own preferences, skills and styles, and we love to share our interest with each other. We are spread across various countries all over the world most of the time, so we love to take photographs where ever we are to give our friends some insight to whats going on with each of us.

This summer we had the pleasure to meet up once again and to go on picture hunt together. Our travels took us to many different places including Holland, Germany and Scotland over the last few months, and we had a great time using our cameras. Trick photography is for most of us a new field which we got into, inspired by the online course “Trick Photography and Special Effects”. The course taught us lots of new tricks and techniques. We had a blast creating illusions and light drawings over the last few weeks, and some of our experiments got pretty wild. We created this site, so we could display our pictures and share our latest adventures with everyone who is interested in digital and trick photography.


Name: Jonathon Phillips
Nationality: English
Camera: Sony NEX-5N

Name: David Jung
Nationality: Dutch
Camera: Sony NEX-5N

Name: Asher Fergusson
Nationality: Australian
Camera: Pentax K200D

Name: Mirjam Stueken
Nationality: German
Camera: Canon Rebel T2i